Christmas Eve Service


Join us for Christmas Eve Service at

5:30, December 24th




Christmas Toy Registration

For Parents and Caregivers in the Guardian Angel Neighborhood (Zip Codes 21211 / 21218):

Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a toy bag for your children this Christmas. We will be giving each child an age-appropriate bag including a toy, a book, winter apparel, and some treats. Gift bags will be provided on a first-registered, first-served basis until we run out.

To sign up: Follow this link 

Advent Series


Upcoming Events

Join us for the Pastor Alice Day of Action this Sunday, or for our thanksgiving meal and coat sale on November 26th. 

From on the Rector: The Rev. Steve Holt

On the Election 

On Tuesday night, after staying up to watch election results to come in, it was disappointing but not surprising that things were as uncertain then as they had been on Tuesday morning. In the midst of a pandemic, with a closely contested race, it is important that they are taking the time to ensure that every vote is counted, even as that continues to leave us in a space where we don’t know what’s next. The results will come.


In the meantime, on Wednesday morning, our team at the food pantry showed up. There were still people who needed to receive food, still, prayer requests that need to be shared, and perhaps even more than usual, still connections between us that needed to be made. In the midst of the uncertainty, our work at Church of the Guardian Angel continued.

The reality is that we have a long way to go to take care of the most vulnerable, to become a truly antiracist society, and to be in a community where we love all of our neighbors. Elections matter and the results of this one will certainly affect the lives of so many of our neighbors who have been told that they are not a part of our community, and so we should all keep praying for our country and watching the results. We should also remember that, regardless of who ends up being declared the winner of this election: our work continues. 

Gathering Around The Table


Gathering Around The Table

Every Tuesday, volunteers gather at my service site (Church of the Guardian Angel) to prepare the food that will be distributed to our guests on Wednesday Morning. This is a busy day, as a Truck is unloaded and food is sorted into three different bags. It is an exciting time of preparation, but my favorite part of my week is about midway through our day, when we pause from all the business and share a meal. And sharing this meal with everyone who has come to help in the perpetrations, has become my favorite event of the week. I have loved the chance to get to know everyone who is there and to share fellowship, but I am most impressed with how this meal brings everyone to the table, as part of one community.

Guardian Angel has made sharing meals together a center of their life together. They gather whenever they can safely, and make sure that everyone is welcome at the table.  Watching that process of the community has thought me more about what it means to be a community of faith in these couple of months than just about anything else I have experienced. I am incredibly grateful for that and looking to continue to learn more from that community during this year of service.