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Nonprofit community service job opening: Food Pantry Director

Job Title: Food Pantry Director 
Location: Baltimore, MD 
FLSA Status: Part-Time, Exempt 
Reports to: Rector 
Salary: $30,000 - $40,000 

The Church of the Guardian Angel Food Pantry provides approximately 100 households each week with groceries and other essential items, with distribution both on-site and through a delivery service that reaches particularly vulnerable households. The Food Pantry Director is responsible for maintaining all of the operations of the food pantry. This includes managing the inventory, preparing for Wednesday morning distribution, coordinating and overseeing volunteers, and collecting guest data and ensuring that the food pantry maintains its compliance with all grant requirements. In addition to the regular weekly distribution, the Food Pantry Director also oversees other services provided by the pantry, including the Community Kitchen and other initiatives focused on providing people with prepared meals. 

Essential Job Responsibilities: 
  • Overseeing all operations of the Guardian Angel Food Pantry 
  • Managing volunteers who assist with food pantry operations 
  • Ordering bulk foods to stock the food pantry on a weekly basis 
  • Collecting purchased and donated foods 
  • Cleaning and organizing the food pantry at the start + end of each food pantry distribution Monitoring food pantry processes to ensure that all health and safety protocols are being followed 
  • Coordinating deliveries to guests who are unable to make it for in-person distribution Keeping financial records of all purchased foods and food pantry equipment 
  • Collecting and maintaining food pantry client socioeconomic and demographic data through Link2Feed 
  • Maintaining records of all foods and volunteer hours that are donated to the food pantry Working with volunteers and partner organizations to provide prepared meals, either on-site (e.g., Community Dinners) or off-site (e.g., Community Kitchen) 
  • Working with the Rector to complete grant reporting, particularly Community Development Block Grant reporting 
Non-Essential Job Duties: 

  • Working with other food security service providers in Baltimore to coordinate services
  • Attend community meetings to network with other local food security service providers Other duties as assigned 
The Rector supervises this position. This position will supervise volunteers. 

Physical Requirements:     
The Food Pantry Director will be expected to lift boxes of up to 30 lbs and to be able to stand for long periods of time 

Preferred Qualifications 

 A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is preferred


  • Experience with grant management and reporting 
  • Experience working as a community service provider 
  • Experience collaborating with multiple community partners 
  • Public outreach and service advertising experience 
  • Strong writing skills 
Knowledge of: 

  • Food pantry or food bank operations 
  • Food security initiatives on the local, state, and national levels 
  • Grant management and reporting, especially for Community Development Block Grant Funding
This position is a part-time position with negotiable hours. Tuesday preparation, Wednesday distribution, and occasional evening and weekend events (such as Community Kitchen) will be necessary for the position; other hours are flexible and will depend on the needs of the Food Pantry. 

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to Fr. Steve Holt at Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until a candidate is hired.