Thank you for your interest in supporting the work here at Guardian Angel. We are happy to accept donations via PayPal, as well as checks or cash, though those two are harder to manage with the current restrictions on public services. You can mail checks to 2629 Huntingdon ave, Baltimore, MD 21211.

To donate to our general fund, click here If there is a specific cause among or programs you'd like to specifically support, please just add that in the notes.

Some insight into where the money goes

Guardian Angel's largest ongoing expense in normal times is the compensation of our priest, roughly a third of the budget. We currently only have enough reliable funding to offer a half-time position while ensuring that we are paying a living wage.

The next largest expense category is insurance and utilities. We are excitedly hopeful that our utility costs will be much lower going forward thanks to energy efficiency improvements installed over the past year and half in partnership with Healthy Neighborhoods.

The next largest expense is the Food Pantry, almost all of which goes to actual purchase of food, mostly from the MD Food Bank. The exceptions are some safety and cleaning supplies and a small amount of reimbursement for volunteers who drive to make food pickups.

Aside from that, fairly small portions go toward community meals, building maintenance and improvements, office and worship supplies, and workshops and trainings.

All of the improvements you may have seen over the past few years have been funded by grants and gifts. Please let us know if you like to talk about supporting other needed building projects.

Our Sunday collection plate is modest. Most of our financial support comes from the Diocese of Maryland, from our partner churches, from the Thrift Shop, and from individual donations. So your contribution, even a small one, makes a difference. It's an apple in someone's Food Pantry bag, an hour of time a priest can help someone through a difficult time, a warm room for a community meeting.

Thank you!