Thank you, Seawall, for offering snow removal this winter!

Guardian Angel is always a place that's run on a shoestring, powered largely by volunteers and help from the larger community. That's especially true right now as we cope with the loss of Alice and search for a new priest to lead the parish.

So I was relived and grateful in early December, as the junior warden aka guy in charge of the grounds and buildings, when Andrew McCrumb from Seawall Development offered to lump Guardian Angel into the snow removal arrangement the company had for Remington Row at no cost to Guardian Angel. It was a big weight off of our shoulders at an especially crunched time.

So even though we got basically no snow in the end, the leadership at Guardian Angel would like to thank Andrew, Shawn Brown, Thibault Manekin, and Seawall in general for supporting the work we do at Guardian Angel in this way. Thank you!