Sad News about Pastor Alice

As you may have heard, Pastor Alice has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She had surgery and is doing well.  Currently she is receiving treatment and is not carrying out any pastoral duties at all.  You may see her around the neighborhood or at church on Sunday!  But please do not call or text her, or knock on the vicarage door.  Your prayers for Pastor Alice and her wife Chris and their family are very appreciated.  The Church continues in its weekly schedule and is welcoming volunteers during this difficult time - please email us at

A message from Pastor Alice after her surgery:

Good morning to all,
I'm awake!!
1. Boy o boy, THAT was a shock!
2. Actually, I feel pretty good... :)
3. Kinda weak...(Brain surgery, you know...)
4. Wanna join me in the long road back???
5. Start at: 8 min daily walk outside (wherever you are... :) )
6. With love, Alice

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